Nov 282012

I guess it’s no big secret that I’ve lost some weight over the last 10 months.  People ask me what I’m doing.  The answer is pretty simple.  I’m eating less and exercising more.  A huge component of eating less has been using Weight Watchers Online.  They have a pretty amazing program now called “Points Plus”, which basically assigns a point value to every food you eat and every exercise you do.  One of the great things about their program is the fact almost all fruits and vegetables have a point value of zero.  Yes, ZERO!

Last week their website announced changes to their program are coming.  I read the little teaser about it, but didn’t think too much on it.  What I’m doing works for me.  However, I was reading in a forum today about this new Weight Watchers 360 program so I thought I’d look into it a little more.

First of all, the US website has only a teaser video with no real information.  If you want to watch his video you can see it here:

After not getting a whole lot of info from the video I turned to Google and found a few blogs that touched on the subject.  But it wasn’t until I went to the Weight Watchers Canada site that I found anything useful.  Below is the graphic from their site.

Weight Watchers 360 - Canadian

From the Weight Watchers Canada Site, regarding the launch of their newest program, Weight Watchers 360


From the graphic above, the gist of the new program is this:

  • Eat real food.
  • Don’t buy the foods that tempt you.
  • Make wise food choices.
  • Get moving.

I’m interested to see how they incorporate this into the Weight Watchers Online program.  It sounds like a good plan, but I’m curious to know if the six steps above are really new concepts to the WW community.  At any rate, I look forward to seeing the changes made and seeing how they play out for their online customers.

What do you think about their new program?

Disclaimer: My thoughts.  My words.  My limited research. :-)