Feb 122014

If you missed Part One, you can read it here.

Warning:  This post contains potty talk.  Literally!


Horror.  I’ve shared this with pretty much everyone who’s asked me about the race, but I think it warrants talking about one more time.  Let’s be honest for a minute.  The one thing that has scared me about races more than anything, and I mean ANYTHING, is the port-o-potty.  After having a dozen or so races under my belt I have since gotten over my fear of them.  Anyway, when the fireworks went off and my corral was off and running, we weren’t two minutes outside of the starting line before the men in the race started running off course to pee!  Seriously.  It was ridiculous.  I was truly horrified at how many men I saw peeing all over Disney property.  I thought, “Can they not wait until they get to the port-o-potty?  They aren’t that far away!”.

And then…

I was about a mile in to the race when I passed the first bank of potties.  The line was crazy.  Men and women alike were waiting.  I had no need for one, so I kept on going.  Mile two brought another potty.  ONE potty and another line.  And that’s when I changed my tune.  I thought, “Why are these men taking up precious space in line when they can go pee in the bushes right behind us?!?”  Dan has found great pleasure in retelling my tale of horror to everyone.  In the end, I would prefer to not see men (and the occasional woman) pee in public, but I certainly appreciate it when the line isn’t long for the potty when I need one!  (Oh, and for those wondering, that first bank of potties I passed?  There was an 18 minute wait to use them!  Don’t tell anyone, but I might have found a bush if I’d needed to go and there was an 18 minute wait!

To be continued…

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