Oct 272013

Just a quick check in for my second week of 10K training!

10K Training: Week Two

Monday:  2.16 miles (Outdoors)
Wednesday:  2.21 miles (Indoors – speed training)
Friday:  3.80 miles (Outdoors)

Week Two total:  8.17 miles

There’s a great yoga class at the Y that I take every Tuesday morning.  It’s a mixed level yoga class, so there are people like me, who have no idea what I’m doing, and there are others who can do headstands.  I’ve been going for several weeks now, and every week I can do a little bit more, or stay in a pose a little longer.  This week’s accomplishment is that I didn’t fall over when I was sitting in some crazy lotus position.

The best thing about Week Two is that the weather finally changed in Florida.  What a huge difference it is to run when it’s 65-75 degrees outside versus the 85-90 degree temperatures we’ve had so far this Fall.  The temps will rise again next week, but for this week it was beautiful outside and I enjoyed every minute of it!


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