Oct 192013

Before I share about the first week of training, I need to share how I spent my summer.  Shortly after Dan and I ran the Expedition Everest Challenge (a 5K with obstacles at Disney’s Animal Kingdom) I restarted a Couch-to-5K program I had used to start running.  The goal was to increase my speed, because I run S-L-O-W-L-Y.  Not long after restarting C25K I started having pain in my right knee.  Fearing I had torn something, but not knowing what was going on I went to see an orthopedic surgeon.  Two appointments and an MRI later we found out that my knee was fine, and that I was suffering from a little arthritis in my knee from overtraining.  I spent the remainder of the summer in physical therapy.  I was released from physical therapy in August and given the go ahead to run three times a week.  I am also allowed to do yoga, ballet barre and strength training.

10K Training: Week One

I finished the first week of Minnie 10K training!  Here’s a quick breakdown of what my week looked like…

  • Monday:  2.12 Miles, Outdoors
  • Wednesday:  2.15 Miles, Treadmill
  • Friday: 5.50 Miles, Treadmill
  • TOTAL: 9.77 Miles

Week one went really well.  Really, really well.  Especially my Friday run.  5.5 miles is a ridiculous distance for someone who hasn’t run more than 3.1 miles ever. The best thing about Friday’s run is that when I was finished, after 82 minutes, I felt like I could have kept going!

In case you’re interested, I am using Jeff Galloway’s Injury Free system.  Specifically I am using Easy 10K with Jeff Galloway, an app I purchased for the iPhone.  I LOVE this app.  He tells me exactly what to do.  When to run, when to walk.  He tells me to pick up the pace and to slow it down.  He even gives me pep talks and tells me that I am strong and I can do it.  (Those messages make me laugh!)  This app even takes the music I choose from iTunes and speeds it up/slows it down as necessary to keep me running (or walking) at the right pace.  Pretty cool for something that only cost me $3.99.  It’s customizable as well.  The traditional Jeff Galloway method for a beginner is to run a minute and walk a minute and that’s what I did week one.  As I get further into my training I can change my ratios for longer runs with the occasional minute of walking to recover.

Here’s a quick snapshot of me after my first long run on Friday.


Post first long run shot!

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